“Leah Ray Mendez has an incredibly beautiful voice that nestles itself into the bosom of her companion acoustic guitar. Leah’s new EP release, All Must Grow, is a creative folk music masterpiece that should be respected as such. The Santa Cruz, California singer-songwriter has combined her gift for singing and playing the guitar, with the talents of her husband, Mauricio Mendez (mandolin) and their friend, Andrew Marine (upright bass).”
” A focused and skilled writer, Leah Ray Mendez has taken her passion for loving others and touching their souls through music, and poured her heart into the four songs that comprise her “All Must Grow” EP. Songs like “Now” and the title track, “All Must Grow”, are perfect examples of why Leah deserves to be celebrated as a top indie folk artist. Each song invites you to take an intimate journey through the matters of Leah’s heart, and you’ll be pleasantly entertained by her amazing singing voice along the way.”
-I Am Entertainment Magazine (December, 2012)

“Leah Ray Mendez, “All Must Grow” is #5 on The Top 25 Independent Music Charts!”
- I AM Entertainment Magazine (January, 2013)

“She [Leah] makes me want to find a religion” -Ken, sound engineer M.A.R.S. Studios

“I’ve been playing Leah’s album, “All Must Grow” and it makes our house glow. I can’t wait for the full length album!”
-Parvati, Santa Cruz, CA