With Americana roots, sultry female vocals, Indian harmonium, and Celtic harp, The Leah Ray Mendez Trio is a modern folk experience all it’s own. When band members Leah and Mauricio lost everything in a Santa Barbara wildfire, the only possessions they truly grieved were their instruments. Nearly four years later, their music is filled with droning harmonium, celtic harp, plucked guitar, earthy bass, syncopated drums, and Leah’s ever-present soaring vocals, straight out the heart chakra. This Santa Cruz, CA based trio is includes: singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Leah Ray Mendez, Colombian bassist/guitarist Mauricio Mendez, and electronic/percussion specialist Beau Silver. “The Leah Ray Mendez Trio sounds like a antique tapestry woven with the dusty and bright colors of the California coast. The product is an earthy mix between Gillian Welch and Robert Plant. It is equally bitter and sweet with rich natural imagery, uplifting nostalgia, and deep beauty.” -2013

“Leah’s new EP release, All Must Grow, is a creative folk music masterpiece that should be respected as such. Songs like “Now” and the title track, “All Must Grow”, are perfect examples of why Leah deserves to be celebrated as a top indie folk artist.”
-I Am Entertainment Magazine, December, 2012